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I welcome the opportunity to teach for your guild or other knitting group. Enclosed is a  list of subjects I am excited about this season, but please use this as a starting point--I will tailor a class to your requirements.

1. I like to have all students using the same materials and so prefer to provide them--this is why, in most cases, I have a per student charge over and above the teaching fee. Sometimes I like to hire an assistant, (at no extra charge to you). So this per student charge includes materials and handouts. This per student fee is sometimes waived if I can sell at the meeting or workshop.

2. I do not charge a transportation fee if your location is within 25 miles and can be easily reached by car. After the 25 miles, there is a charge of $.30 a mile plus tolls. Of course, if air fare is involved, I would expect to be reimbursed. My requirements as to food and lodging are very modest--a family or dormitory setting is fine! Often it is possible to arrange for two groups near each other to hold classes--this makes for a considerable savings.

3. The times given are teaching times--please schedule breaks as needed or desired and add to the teaching time when scheduling.

4. No fee is payable if cancellation is made previous to two weeks, but I would expect 50% "kill" fee for a last minute cancellation. If I must cancel within the last two weeks, I will pay you a like "kill" fee to cover your advertising and other expenses.

5. My hand-outs are not copy-righted. The whole point of teaching is to advance the body of knowledge--I encourage my students to take what I have to offer and go further with it, sharing with others.

These three classes are designed for guild meetings. They cover the subject lightly and can be simply listened to or the members can work along. They include copyright-free handouts for an unlimited number of members. Yarn, if used, is brought by the students. I can only teach these classes in conjunction with a workshop later that day or a day later. The cost is $60. It is assumed that the transportation cost will have been taken care of along with the workshop fee.

LACE EDGINGS The hardest thing about lace knitting is following the directions! We will work an old edging from the traditional directions, than chart, analyze, and work it from the chart. Finally we will rewrite it in Lace Shorthand and work it again. There will be many tips on technique given along the way. Beginners on up. Bring pair of needles, (short if possible), & small amount of thin, smooth yarn.
Mostly lecture--students may work along or not.
2 Hours--Handouts provided--$60 any number of students.

CARRIED EYELET This is a wonderful, little-known way to make eyelets that are as high as they are wide with very little slant. Ideal for letters. The design possibilities will excite you! You need a pair of needles and a small amount of smooth yarn.
2 Hours--Handouts provided--$60 any number of students.

KINDS OF LACE This is an overview of the history and types of knitted lace. The students will work a small sample and the basic instruction in Lace Shorthand will be given. This is a great introduction to a workshop on any lace project. Pair of needles and a smooth thin yarn.
2 Hours--Handouts provided--$60 any number of students.


These workshops are $200 for the class plus, sometimes, a small per student fee to cover materials.

New six hour workshop
ENDLESS EDGINGS teaches the fundamentals of designing edgings. The hand-out is a mini flip book where the edgings are divided into sections. First the student will be taught the stitch patterns, one by one and the notation method I call Lace Shorthand. Then they will design an edging for a glass cover that will hold a candle. The thread (enough for several covers), glass, candle and hand-out are included in the $5 material fee. 6 Hours--$200 plus material fee—beginner on up.

LACE BABY HAT This is an introduction to lace knitting. We will start with round knitting for the back of the hat, then work an edging for the sides and top. All is done in one piece, no seams. The class is full of techniques for lace knitting. For the adventurous beginner or more advanced knitter. You need 5 #2 DP needles, a small, short circular needle, and 3 short stitch holders.
6 Hours-- yarn & full directions given--$200 plus $10 per student for the yarn and handout.


ANALYSIS OF LACE STITCHES Make a bookmark using all the basic lace stitches and their variations. Learn how to read and write Lace Shorthand and to rewrite old lace patterns for ease in application. I have taught hundreds of beginners and some not-so-beginners this class. All learn to understand how the lace stitches are formed and what their options are in choosing stitches.
6 hours--Thread and handout included--$200 plus $6 per student
This class is available on video tape, click here.


TARTAN PLAID Learn this exciting technique which imitates a woven tartan plaid while making a small cosmetic bag or checkbook cover. The technique can be applied to other knitting projects and is truly innovative Ideally, the student should be able to both knit and purl with a yarn in each hand, but tips will be given for purling with a yarn in the left hand for those of us who "throw" with the right hand.
6 hours--Yarn and handout included--$200 plus $12 per student

OLD LACE STITCHES In my research into old lace patterns I have found many fascinating stitches that are not well known today. The students will make a multi-bookmark using a number of these old stitches. Lace Shorthand will be taught as these old insertions are worked.
6 hours--yarn and handout included--$200 plus $5 per student

RUSSIAN (INSPIRED) SHAWL CONSTRUCTION The Russian shawls use a wonderful construction that allows the knitter to work the edging at the same time as the middle of the shawl. We will make a small doll stole using the techniques as I have adapted them and talk about the design of eyelet lace.
Advanced--6 hours--$200 plus $5 per student

RUSSIAN (INSPIRED) SHAWL CONSTRUCTION Same as above except that we will make a small cotton doily.  There is a DVD/CD available on this class that teaches the techniques. Click here for more information. A second DVD/CD on Russian shawl design will  be released soon.
Advanced--6 hours--$200 plus $5 per student

OVAL CONSTRUCTION For the knitter who has conquered medallion knitting and is ready to go on. We will make one type of oval and talk about several others. You will gain an understanding of how to shape your lace into an oval. Set of 5 double pointed needles needed, size 2. Yarn provided.
Advanced 6 hours $200 plus $5 per student

COVER FOR EASTER EGG OR CHRISTMAS BALL Here is a fun class for everyone!
Depending on the season, we will make a lace cover for a decoration. The student must be able to work with thin yarn, (which is provided). We will make one or two designs in class while the technique is learned. The hand-out includes 3 patterns.
Advanced beginner 6 hours $200 plus $5 per student

CHARTING ROUND DESIGNS Why put a round peg in a square hole? Do round charts in a semi-circle chart and it is easy to see how the motifs develop. We will rechart a couple of designs and work one to see how to use these charts.
Advanced 6 hours $200 plus $5 per student

Circle knitting made easy as pie! Learn a cast-on that cannot be seen. Then plug in lace stitches with no worry about increasing for a circle. All is done in flat knitting--endless design possibilities.
Intermediate--6 hr. $200 plus $5 per student

There is a small amount of homework for this one The student will come with a small garter stitch square and we will work an edging all around with four different corners. The gathered, the eased, the English miter and the Russian miter. All lace knitters need this class. Hand-out is detailed so the student can go back to it when a project calls for corners.
For the serious knitter–6 hr. $200, no additional charge.

This is a design class. Minimum knitting—just a bunch of swatches as the student works on ideas for a theme. Three or more patterns will be chosen and plugged into the construction. Basically, the shawl starts in the middle with a more-than-circular doily or other round design. When it is 1/3 of the way out, the work is squared out by putting the increases in the corners. The last 1/3 of the piece is done with a border pattern on the sides and a portion of the original circle in the corners. A knit-on edging finishes the shawl. The numbers work for any yarn or gauge. This is for the lace knitter who wants to do some designing on her own, but wants the security of a tried and true set of guidelines.
Advanced–6 hr. $200, no additional charge.
Note This class could be expanded to a multi day workshop or camp.